I am sure my father doesn't even remember this conversation, but a long time ago we were talking about how he is colorblind. Well he simply put it to me as 'I see what I see, just how you see what you see'! That's how I feel about photography. Everyone see something a little different in it, that's what makes it fun, real and ever changing.

I have been looking through a lens for as long as I can remember. Using anyone and anything as the source of my subjects.

Currently my twins are my favorite subjects, although I don't feel I photograph them enough (my husband would not agree!). They change so fast from day to day the urge to capture every moment of it is indescribable.

I love capturing photos in a very natural, organic state. I love faces, details and hidden moments when least expected.

I do my best at offering a fun, stress free, relaxed atmosphere for either indoor or outdoor sessions for any occasion, because that's what I would want in a photographer!

thanks for stopping by,

"There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs." Ansel Adams